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About the Author

I am currently a water treatment professional by trade and a writer by necessity. I'm an aspiring author and a singer/songwriter. That said, I would be none of these things without the constant support of my amazing wife and two boys. This includes standing by me as I strived to obtain my recent BS in Environmental Science. I began writing in elementary school by crafting short stories with my friends as main characters. As I grew into my 20s, I dipped my pen into poetry. Like most young poetry however, a lot of it was bad. My words eventually evolved into songwriting. I have been the singer/songwriter in many musical collaborations over the years and I still write music to this day. All of this has shaped me as a story teller. Now that I have completed my degree, I can cycle back to what I truly love...the spinning of fables. I hope my words can one day help carry people away, just as I have been swept off by so many great artists over the years.

Notebook and Pen

“You must stay drunk on writing, so reality does not destroy you.”

- Ray Bradbury “Zen in the Art of Writing”


Newest Developments

November 16th, 2019

I started a new blog today! Newest entry below. Give it a look. If you enjoy, give it a like and leave a comment if you wish. I’m just happy to share my musings. 



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