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My boys and I after graduation

About the Author

R.D Hoyt is a water treatment professional by trade and a writer by necessity.  An aspiring author as well as a singer/songwriter. Check out the band Stone Robot at www.stonerobotband.com for more info on that.
All that said, R.D recognizes that he would be none of these things without the constant support of his amazing wife and two boys. 
R.D. began writing in elementary school by crafting short stories with friends as main characters. As he grew into his 20s he dipped his pen into poetry. Like most young poetry, however, a lot of it was bad.
The words eventually evolved into songwriting for many musical collaborations over the years and still writes music to this day––for Stone Robot, and acoustically for himself.
All of this has shaped him as a storyteller.  He hopes his words can one day help carry people away, just as he has been swept off by so many great artists and authors over the years.

Notebook and Pen

“You must stay drunk on writing, so reality does not destroy you.”

- Ray Bradbury “Zen in the Art of Writing”


News Worthy

I have been using this platform to write a humorous, little blog centered around my two young boys. One that chronicles all the joy (and frustration) that comes with raising them. My newest entry is below. Give it a look. If you enjoy give it a like and leave a comment if you wish. I’m just happy to share my musings.



Get in touch with me for more information about my previous writing/music and potential upcoming releases.

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