Like A Boss

With spring in the air, Daddy gets a little too cocky before beginning a mini-tractor assembly project for the boys!

Where's Peter?

In my opinion, of all the parental tasks I've undertaken with my two boys, the bedtime ritual is easily one of the most arduous.

Daddy's Big Tummy!

The gut-wrenching honesty of young children can easily strike daggers to your heart if you let it get to you. And I have.

Take Flight!

I watched my eldest son stare in sheer wonderment as the planes took flight and touched down at the airport last week.

Go Daddy, Go!

I've gone from daily 5-mile walks with the stroller to gets a bit winded climbing up stairs. My boys are (kind of) helping me get fit.

Watch Out!

A new game invented by the little monsters last night that their mother would never have approved of.

A Santa Story

The holidays were quite busy, so this post is obviously a little late for Christmas. However, I felt a little obligated to tell a quick...

Pocket Full of Trains

I walked into the house through the front door. This is something I don't often do. I usually come in through the garage, with my boys...